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About the company

Company history 

Firm "Rafineza" was founded in 2003 and in 2004 the company began to produce evening gowns. Since 2005, the company started its own razrobotke models of wedding and evening dresses. In 2008 the firm was reorganized as additional liability "Rafineza." In 2008, the well was logged trademark "Rafineza". In the spring of 2008, we participated in the exhibition "Wedding Salon 2008" took place in Minsk. In August 2008 we took part in the exhibition "Wedding and evening fashion and accessories" in Moscow. 

"Rafineza" salons: come to us to fulfill the dream! 

The happiest and most important event in the life of every girl is, of course, the wedding. Preparations for this celebration usually takes a lot of energy and power. After all, it is for the bride is very important every detail of the ceremony, whether it is drawing on the invitation card or a coding style banquet hall. And if some of the wedding chores can be passed on to relatives and close friends, the choice of wedding dress is entirely dependent on the future bride. That is why in the bridal salon will have to go in person to the bride. 

You are facing a dilemma in which a bridal salon to go in search of the perfect wedding dress? Here you will find a wide range of wedding dresses, as well as evening and children's outfits. We will select the model that will suit you for all the requirements. Experienced sales consultants working in the salons of "Rafineza" if necessary to help determine the choice of style, as well as pick up a dress elegant wedding accessories. We are working to ensure that their wedding dresses made ​​owners of these beauties! 

Advantages of "Rafineza" wedding salons 

Choosing the services of wedding salons of "Rafineza", you get several advantages: 

  • The high quality of each presented in a wedding salon outfits and accessories. A guarantee of this are the positive feedback from our customers, the number of which increases with each new bride, coming to our salon. We simply can not offer low-quality wedding dresses or evening, as we value our impeccable reputation and appreciate any and all clients; 
  • A wide range of models offered dresses listed in our bridal salons, allows each client the same choose a wedding or evening dress that will make her dream of a perfect wedding come true; 
  • Convenient location of our wedding salons makes way for an ideal wedding dress fast and easy; 
  • The designs of wedding, evening and children's clothes brand «Rafineza», as well as its own production allow for flexible pricing. Therefore, in our bridal salons every bride can choose the dress according to their financial capabilities; 
  • Individual approach to every bride provide professional sales consultants our salons who know all about wedding fashion and more. In case of doubt, you can always ask for advice. And rest assured: the evil in our stores you will not advise; 
  • Catalog of the models presented in the salons of "Rafineza" can be found on our web site. Now select the wedding dresses bride can in the usual conditions for themselves and for the fitting to come to the nearest bridal salon. 

Evening and children's clothing in stores «Rafineza» 

Of course, the wedding salon often visit the bride. However, in the salons of "Rafineza" are not only dresses and wedding accessories for future newlyweds, but also evening wear, as well as occasional clothes for children. Therefore, if you are going to the responsible business or social event, preparations for it make sure you get to visit one of our salons. For more than five years, we have to develop your own models, so every thing is brand «Rafineza» - it is fashionable, stylish and exclusive. 

If, however, at the grand event you take with the child, then the more come to one of the bridal salons of "Rafineza." Elegant suit necessarily oblige your son to behave according to the situation and playful dress will make your daughter even more charming than usual. In addition, parents are often the taste is judged by how their children are dressed. Our bridal salons you will surely satisfied with the clothes that will fit your sense of beauty. 

This holiday begins at bridal salons of "Rafineza"

In the hectic days of infinite, often as two peas similar to each other, sometimes it is not is a place for special occasions. After all, weddings, anniversaries, social events and business meetings happen not every day. That is why every output of the light must be a real treat. Come to the salons of "Rafineza" - and the holiday for you will begin to prepare for the stage yet to triumph!