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Wedding salon in Mogilev

Are you look for bridal salons in Mogilev? Wedding salon "Rafineza" (Rafineza) now in Mogilev! 

We offer you the wedding dresses, flower girl dresses, the ability of individual tailoring of the dress, offered by the customer, as well as sewing dresses by the standards of the customer. 

We are waiting for you at the wedding salons "Rafineza."

Wedding salon in Mogilev

Wedding salon in Orsha

Do you need a wedding dress, evening dress, prom dress? You want to visit bridal salons of Orsha? We advise you to visit a bridal salon "Rafineza" (Rafineza). 

Wedding salon "Rafineza" - the only center of wedding fashion in Orsha! 

Center of wedding fashion "Rafineza" offers not only wedding dresses, evening dresses, prom dresses collection 2016-2017, but individual tailoring outfit offered by the customer, as well as tailoring to individual measures of the customer.

Wedding salon in Orsha

Sea of flowers, the clink of glasses, smiles and offers an incredible feeling of happiness. Such should be a real wedding. This is not just an ordinary celebration, it is the most light and joyful day in the life of the bride and groom. There are no trifles: hair, makeup, jewelry and, of course, the wedding dress - everything must be perfect. But despite the importance of the details exactly outfit plays a major role in this enchanting ensemble. Wedding dress attracts admiring glances of guests and causes a mild envy of friends of the bride.

The wedding should be unique, and every woman is trying to bring in the holiday a bit of personality. That is why we have tried to collect in our salon wedding dresses from producers of all styles, because of the universal outfit had not been invented yet. In the wedding dress is fully revealed the identity of the bride. We have prepared for you a few of the original wedding dress collections from leading trendsetters, that can surprise even the most discerning fashionistas. Once you have chosen a wedding dress, you can try it on and appreciate all its pros and cons. Look in the mirror. What do you see yourself in the brightest day of your life? This dress you want to wear on your wedding? Remember, in choosing a wedding dress can not be compromises. In a dress you should feel the most beautiful woman in the world. A woman who can be admired forever.

We have a wide choice of wedding dresses. Once you will find a dress that fits you, we will help you complete your look with the stylish design accessories. Handbags, gloves, tiaras, veils various models - we have it all. And most importantly, our experts is not the first year involved in the creation of wedding bands and will always help you make the right choice. And no matter how long that will take. Your wedding should be a memorable and unique wedding dress.

On our website you will find photos of wedding dresses all styles. In 2015 collection we have tried to combine all of the major trends of the modern wedding fashion. Here you will find the traditional lush ensembles decorated with stylish, elegant decorations and tight, accentuating the charm of the figure of the bride outfits. We are always ready to cooperate. In our showroom in Orsha and Minsk, you can buy wedding dresses wholesale from the manufacturer of a variety of materials, buy fashion accessories, and other details of the image of the bride. Professional advice, a wide range of wedding dresses and excellent European service - that's what distinguishes our salon dresses among others. Come, and the most important day in your life will turn into a real fairy tale. We have only the best in Belarus wedding dress manufacturers wholesale and retail, and we are proud of.